I like anime and video games and video games and I'm really bad at writing these things. I won EVO with Cody


the first rule of fight club is you must be following me. i will be checking. the second rule is reblogs only, likes dont count, one reblog per person

is season 1 with the beam?

yeh and the card games

kaiji season 1 is suffering why did i watch kaiji season 1


  • i have no talent
  • mr. tentacles has all the talent
  • if i’m lucky, some of mr. tentacles talent may rub off on me
  • if i’m lucky, mr. talent will rub his tentacles on my…art

this tissue box game is like the reason i dropped kaiji but holy shit i can’t stop 

i wish my high school would have had senior quotes so i could have used “K-Kaiji-san” as my quote